Infection Control And The Dental Clinic Essay

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Infection control is very important in the health care profession. It’s very important that we as a dental assistant make sure we follow the guidelines to protect the patient, the community and ourselves. Health care professionals, who do not practice proper infection control, can expose multiple bacteria and diseases to others. The main objective is to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases from both patients and health personnel. Today, infection control is a continuous concern for its professionals. We have to contact patients routinely and be exposed to their blood, saliva, dental plaque and pus that may contain infectious pathogens. It is important for the dental professionals to treat these fluids as if they are infectious and take special precautions when handling them. In this essay, I will go in detail of infection control practices in dental clinics and how infectious microorganisms are transmitted in the dental clinic. Also, I will talk about some infection control guidelines that are important in dental clinics and how to protect the dental professional environment and dental professions. There are two types of diseases that dental professions should be aware of which are communicable disease and disease transmission. Communicable disease is one that is spread from one person to another through a variety of ways that include: contact with blood and bodily fluids; breathing in an airborne virus; or by being bitten by an insect (ACPHD). Disease
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