Influence of Advertising

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The Influence of Advertising
Dealing with advertising starts with understanding how it works, what it does, and how it intends to influence you.
While you may be taking advertising for granted, it does seek to influence what you spend your money on. Many people don 't believe that they 're susceptible to being influenced, let alone manipulated, by advertising. However, it wouldn 't be so omnipresent if it didn 't work.
Advertisers hide the manipulative parts of advertising, because people will not accept it if they notice being manipulated. It needs to appear innocent in order to have an influence.
So how does advertising influence people?
Advertising as information
An obvious reason for advertising is simply
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If you know a brand simply because you 've seen the logo everywhere, you are letting marketers decide for you.
Life style identification
Lots of advertising connects a product or brand with a particular life style. People who identify with that lifestyle, will feel attracted to these products. When you feel like "such and such" a person, and an ad or commercial values that, you 'll feel willing to buy the product or brand, even if it isn 't presented that prominently in the ad. You 'll believe you like the product because it is "like you."
Sex sells
As the saying goes "sex sells." Advertisers will put sexy women next to cars, let handsome actors tell how great a product is, or have women in bikini show how great the beach is.
For men, sexy and attractive women in ads will grab your attention. Instantly, and without a need to explain anything. And that is what advertisers want, instantly having our attention, as their message by itself is to most of us not really that interesting.

It has become obvious now that the media advertises and promotes a very unhealthy trend of extreme dieting and other bad eating habits to women. Most of media sources put on their covers images of skinny emancipated females. Doing this they influence the subconscious mind of the masses. And women continue to spend their money trying to achieve this unattainable look they constantly see in media advertising.
To try and solve this problem let 's answer
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