Influences On The Canadian Health System

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In the text, “Altered States”, by Kate Lunau, readers experience a miracle of a story regarding Juan Torres, and his amazing recovery from what was said to be a vegetative state. This life-changing story about Juan really connects with the readers, as it truly is a moving story. Readers are able to connect with this story in many ways, as they may recall something in their life that was also a miracle, just like Juan’s story. There are many views on this controversy of Juan and his sudden awakening from the vegetative state in which he categorized. Some readers may view this as medically impossible, such as the doctor’s may have thought. Others may see this as a miracle from heaven above, in relation to their religious views. Personally, I think that this story is a miracle in itself and what had happened to Juan simply may not be explained through medical science. While reading “Altered States” it is noticed how views on the Canadian Health System are challenged because many people may wonder why there is are not any tests that are able to prove what had happened to Juan. This article directly relates to Sociology in many ways and can be examined throughout the Weberianism perspective. My overall reaction to the text was shaped throughout these points and resulted positively, as it was very encouraging to read about someone who had recovered from this tremendous state. All these factors played a key role in my overall reaction to the text, such as my connection to the

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