Influenza Proposal Paper

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Proposal for Addressing the Issue The first alternative, to such a policy includes immediate dismissal of any staff that refuse to comply regardless of being directed that it is a requirement (Brady, 2013). According to Brady et al. (2013), policies that dismiss staff who do not comply usually have higher rates of compliance. The second alternative, includes work restrictions for the unvaccinated workers during Influenza season and an overall increase in insurance premiums (Vaughan & Arsneault, 2014). This option would deter the spread of the virus in the infected to the uninfected because of the limited point of exposures to the source. The unvaccinated healthcare worker would therefore, be subjected to working fewer hours and face higher…show more content…
Additionally, there would be a reduction in the influenza virus attack rate and result in less budgetary spending on crisis mitigation at an economic level. In addition, there would be less chance of an Influenza outbreak healthcare and a reduced risk for influenza transmission. The policy being recommended would not incur any additional cost be rather reducing the total healthcare spending. It would be easy to implement because though some may consider it a drastic approach, it would be an economically viable option. Conclusion In concluding, the mandatory influenza vaccination of healthcare workers is important and well needed policy to address the reluctance of healthcare workers to be annually vaccinated. The policy is not only necessary but also needs to be enforced to be highly effective. The first alternative which states that there will immediately dismissal for those who fail to comply seems to be the best since many privately owned organizations, which have implemented this policy see up to 100% increase in compliance, and less of their workforce absent from work due to
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