Infomercials And Other Dishonest Commercials Essay

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Infomercials and Other Dishonest Commercials

The other night I was sitting in front of the television watching a late night show, when a commercial break came on, I instinctively clicked on the remote to flip through the channels to see what else was on. As I surfed through the channels I came across dozens of info-mercials, a commercial for getting a college degree at home, and a few psychic hotline advertisements. I stopped clicking the remote after a while to see what the commercials were selling, and to see how cheep the products were. There were advertisements for how to get a better body, the "fountain of youth" make-up, and the charcoal-less grill. It is amazing what they come up with nowadays. As I continued surfing I …show more content…

The main idea behind info-mercials is to glamorize a product so that they can sell it in more quantity to people gullible enough to buy something that they have not had a chance to check out to see if it is worth buying. It is amazing to think that a person would spend money on something that they are primarily tricked into buying. Then to think that a person would actually feel good about selling a cheep product to an innocent viewer, just so that the salesperson would make money. The things that people will do for money.
"Get your specialized degree" that's what Susan Struthers always says in those "earn a degree in the convience of your home" advertisements. The idea is to trick people into spending money to earn a degree that in actuality is nothing more than a piece of paper with writing on it. The degree carries nothing of importance behind it, or any sign of work used to get it. People are lead to believe that this "degree" will improve their life. They claim that
"this is the chance that you have always been waiting for…to earn your degree at your own speed". The main course of study for this degree is just reading out of books, no tests, no papers, just reading, and unless the "student" is able to

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