Information About The Level Of Academic Preparation Essay

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Data Sources
For the purpose of this report, transcript data from ELS:2002 was used to provide nationally representative information about the level of academic preparation that the high school graduating class of 2003-04 had when leaving high school. This data was collected by a study that was conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).
Since the base-year interview in 2002, sample members have participated in two follow-up surveys. The first took place in 2004 when most student participants were high school seniors. The second took place two years after graduation in 2006. Additional follow-up data included information related to postsecondary education, labor force participation, family life, and civic engagement. Using these second follow-up data, the report focuses specifically on the transition to higher education for the high school sophomore class of 2002 (Bozick, Lauff and Wirt, 2007).
This study employs data sets from ELS: 2002, which documented the educational status of a nationally representative sample of 10th grade students, as they progress through high school and into postsecondary education or the workforce. It follows a two-stage sampling process: Schools with 10th graders were initially stratified into 8 regions, 3 types of urbanity, and 3 school controls. Schools that participated in the sampling were randomly selected with a probability in proportion to their size. In the first stage, each school provided sophomore

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