Information Assurance Is Important For Our Future Business Essay

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As web technology usage increase for businesses so does the need for security. Our web presence here at Information Assurance is very important to the growth of the business. Our webservers are a crucial element of our web infrastructure and a single vulnerability can lead to a security breach which can affect Information Assurance’s creditability. Which is why we must have webserver security a high priority for our growing business. Our webserver hosts our website over the internet for client interact. We must keep this interaction safe and secure so we don’t face the same issues we suffered from in 2001 with denial of service attacks and the defacement of our website.
Attackers abuse vulnerabilities within the software of webservers to compromise our website security. We have network security measures in place such as our firewall but we still need to strengthen our webservers which can be access from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. (Kumar) Strengthening our web server security will help protect against known vulnerabilities that bypass the firewall system and can compromise our web applications.
In a recent study 75% of cyber-attacks are caused by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in web application and webservers. With 57.9% of webserver market share being Apache servers and only 13.2% are Microsoft-IIS, we are at high risk of our servers being compromised by attackers. Our Apache server handles our HTTP request and responses from our clients.

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