Information Flow, Utilization And Business Value

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ABOUT THE COMPANY: Peterson technology partners is a technology company based in Chicago, US with the goal to support their clients with in their quest to improve information flow, utilization and business value. It is very crucial for Peterson technology partners to understand their client needs and give them the services as per their business requirements. Peterson’s mission is to be essential to their clients as the most reliable partner for innovative and cost effective IT solutions. It understands the vital components of IT ecosystem and gets the correct links for establishing services, providing training and also staffing for their clients.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: This project is based on creating a website for conducting …show more content…

As per the requirements given to me, I gathered the requirements which are needed for my project and started analyzing for first few days of my intern. Then I designed all the UML diagrams in which my project consists of three modules. They are Admin, User, System modules. In this project I have worked with different environments like Front end Scripting, Back end Java programming with frameworks like Spring MVC, Hibernates and databases. Throughout the project, I learned and implemented many concepts which are useful for development of my career.

The scope of the project online examination is to conduct exams for students on online. The Admin and user (student) involved in the Project. Users can take an exam from any system which has provision for internet.

Scope Inclusions:
This Application addresses the functionalities of the admin and user.

Admin has to log into the system by providing username and password.

• Database Modifications:
Admin can delete/update/view the data in the system.

• Should evaluate and generate marks list instantly
User is able to view the result instantly at the end of the exam.

• Sets the timer for the examination
Count down timer will display on screen during the exam.

• Should be able pickup random questions
System will pick the questions from the questions table

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