Understand How Organizations Use Business Information

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LO1 – Understand how organisations use business information


In this report I will be explaining all the different purposes of information. Businesses hold a lot of information for different purposes, which can be accessed by members of staff as part of their job however these might also be useful in other ways. For example Tesco have information on the products they are selling, this means they can put prices up or down if they need to. There are two types of information one is qualitative which is personal and subjective and the other is quantitative is factual that is often number-biased and obtained through well-defined processes. PLS (Progress local supermarket) is a company that owns a chain of small local supermarkets located in towns and large villages across the south of England. Data is unorganized facts that need to be processed, Information is data processed, organised and presented in given context.

Operational support – is when activities are being monitored this helps to control activity. They are programmes that manage a computer network or a telephone. Operational support will also monitor and analyse them. This makes it easier for staff to take records and make decisions.

Operational support in a supermarket - One of the ways they do this is by using an EPOS system. An EPOS system (Electronic Point of Sale) is an automated till system used to help staff members with knowing what the prices of products are, also the barcodes can be used

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