Information Need Without Changing The Context Of Research Paper Reading

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We have proposed a system which provides user the facility to formulate query by identifying his information need without changing the context of research paper reading. The proposed tool provides navigation to all major parts of the article and allow user to select and add data from any part of the article. This navigation is internal navigation providing links to all sections of the article like headings, title, author and references. A text box contains the query term along with the information need identified by the user during the process of query formulation.
Research Type
Our research type is Explanatory research. As it proposes a Query Formulation Tool and explains its effect in making search while reading online research papers.
Unit of Analysis
In any social science study the unit of analysis is the first decisions. It is the person, collection of persons, or object which is the target of the investigation. Unit of analysis include individuals, groups, organizations, countries, technologies, objects, and such others.
In this research study our unit of analysis is individual (i.e. users). We will study that to what extent the use of Search Facilitation pane helps an individual in performing Search while reading online research documents.

Classification of Variables
Variables are those entities that change their values during the experiment. Variables may be classified on their intended use, as

1. Independent
2. Dependent
3. Moderating
4. Mediating
5. Control

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