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Information and Communication Technology. Introduction: Information and Communication Technology is a very wide term that involves any communication device or different applications such as computers, software, television and radio etc. It is very helpful for us having a lot of benefits which is making our life convenient it helps us in every field of life for example in field of education, health etc. But we also cannot deny the fact that it is some issues also. This report will describe six of these issues and one area where further research is necessary. These problems are security, privacy, financial problems, management, time taking, extra staff. Government have to make their computers up to date for protection. …show more content…

Advancement in technologies have a negative impact as it is very expensive to install new software and getting new technology to take rid of previous ones is also very costly and time consuming. “The world Bank Group invests around US$800m per year in specific loans and guarantees on ICTs and development, and US$1-1.5bn per year on projects with significant ICT components (World Bank, 2009a).” Heeks, R. (2010). “Do information and communication technologies (ICTs) contribute to development?” “Journal of International Development” (Vol 22, 5, pp. 625–640) Management: Good Management is also very important for dealing with making the use of information and communication technology because due to miss management previous data can be interrupted. If the management is not good that don’t have too much information about the use of ICT there is a greater risk of loss of data. They have to set up their goals. Employers have to plan for their daily routine work. Time Taking: Operating computer network is a time taking process firstly we need to go through different procedures to do our task. For example if a person went to office to make his passport card firstly he has to get a receipt then he has to go to finger print scanning, making of picture means that he would has to go through to distinct methods. Process. Time Creating profile. 5 minutes Entering data. 10

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