Information Security

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Information Security
As the world migrates to the digital village, a lot of digital data and information is generated and transmitted. In the same line, there is a growing need for data repositories or data banks. Information security is chiefly concerned about prevention, detection and response to computer threats or risks (CISCO, 2013). Protecting organizational information and systems is a daunting task because of the emerging and advanced threats to information technology resources. Securing information technology infrastructure and informational assets is a continuous cycle as advancements in technology presents a new breed of threats (Hunt, 1998).
In the current business landscape, accounting systems are typically modules of
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Types of firewalls
According to CISCO (2013), firewalls are categorized into software and hardware types.
Hardware Firewalls and their advantages
Hardware firewalls are specialized network systems that contain specialized software and hardware. When they are configured appropriately, these firewalls provide a protective barrier that hide an entity’s internal computers and applications from the outside world. Hardware firewalls can also shield organization department; for instance, the human resources from another department such as the finance department. Hardware firewalls are mostly applicable in scenarios where entities require a unitary information security umbrella with the capability of protecting multiple systems (CISCO, 2013). This reason points out why most FORTUNE 500 company networks have implemented hardware firewalls. However, since hardware firewalls are specialized devices or systems, they tend to be complicated, expensive, tricky to configure and difficult to upgrade. That is to say, they are best reserved for Information Technology experts or consultants trained to assess, install, configure and maintain such systems. In addition, the low-end hardware firewalls currently found in network devices such as routers and switches for homes and small businesses are also limited to locations. In other words, if an accountant or any other user from the accounting department takes their mobile devices or laptops to the road, their
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