Information Systems And Technology On Business

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Information systems and technology have played a role in the process of commerce, through create infrastructure which depends on workers and physical equipment. Information Technology (IT) is essential to build business environments, there are complex infrastructural requirements face global business strategies. Laudon, K.C and Laudon, J. P. (2013) mention that these should provide by institutions or organizations such as computer hardware, computer software, data management technology, networking and telecommunication technology and technology services. In addition, IT infrastructure requires software, which provides instructions and commands that direct physical devices work. Information Systems (IS) is the collection of technical and…show more content…
The Management information system is a computerized data of information organised and programmed to provide efficiency and effectiveness of strategic decision making. It means that all data relevant to institutions which need a system to manage it. For example, management of sales make Information Systems is the best way when they want to know the expiry date for products without refer to records of papers. The reason for making successful enterprises, it will be through business Intelligence, which has become a necessity for work environments in terms of providing solutions and provide the necessary techniques to facilitate work in the corporate action. The right decision making requires using information systems and technology to make institutions more intelligent with dealing with the growing volume of data. These business environments, which make business intelligence in decision making is essential in the business, led to improve performance whether in staff or performance work, and contribute to profitability as well. Information systems and technology play a significant role in the development of performance in the global business (Chaggey & White, 2011). As a result, contributed to the increased profitability of companies based in the information and technology systems primarily on measuring and improving performance. Auditors,
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