Table Of Contents. Table Of Contents1. Background2. Business

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1
Background 2
Business Corporate Strategy 2
IT objectives 3
IT initiatives 4
1. Enhance user involvement 4
2. Make IT an integral and strategic partner 5
3. Standardize Reports 5
Problems 3
Recommendations 6
Appendix 7
References 8

Caterpillar Tunneling Canada Corporation (CTCC) previously known as Lovat Inc. was a major tunneling technologies provider based out of Toronto, Canada and employed around 330 staff members. U.S based Caterpillar Inc. acquired Lovat Inc. in 2008 and renamed it to CTCC. CTCC specialized in designing and manufacturing tunnel boring machines namely TBM’s. In 2010, the company was selected to undergo an ERP implementation to attain business process …show more content…

To aid financial and performance reporting in the company, its objectives also include achieving a harmonious user adoption of the Business Intelligence technology across all departments within the firm. IT department also aims to support and maintain the IT operations including software installations, network security, and telecommunications. Another major IT objective is to build a formal assessment process for company’s overall information management requirements, which will help in leveraging parent company’s IT resources. All these IT objectives align with and in turn, will help achieve the business objective of seamless integration.
The acquisition of Lovat gave rise to many challenges for the parent company. Caterpillar tried to implement standard procedures, project management practices and SAP platform. This caused many problems. The major problems were data inconsistency and uneven reporting. Another problem was inconsistency in procedures. Caterpillar had standard procedures but CTCC handled each project as an independent entity. It was run as a family business, thus standardization of procedures across the organization posed a major challenge. Acceptance of BI platform across the organization was a problem since managers were divided. There was no consensus among multiple departments.

Some teams were willing to use BI platform for decision-making and reporting and but

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