Information Technology Department Of Methodist Healthcare

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I am privileged to have the opportunity to have Patricia Kelly, Manager of Informatics Adoption in the Information Technology Department of Methodist Healthcare as my current leader. She is truly proficient and self-motivated as these traits are observed on a daily basis. Ms. Kelly is responsible for the design, development and delivery of training solutions to the physicians and clinic staff populations at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. She is responsible for training, change management, performance improvement, strategic and long range planning, project management and consulting services. Ms. Kelly creates positive change in the workplace. She has a clear vision of what needs improvement, whether it is management, performance, or long term goals. She also expresses how listening is more important than having a good presentation. This alone has taught me that you shouldn’t think about yourself, when you are training or leading an individual you should assure them that their importance to the organization is your main concern.

Worst Leader
From a previous company that I was employed with years ago, my direct supervisor was not the great leader. She was easily liked, eager to please, and avoided conflict and confrontation. She was also a flexible worker, in which what her boss genuinely admired about her. Whatever decisions he made she would agree with him even if she knew the decision wasn’t ethical. As office manager, her role was to oversee three administrative

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