Information Technology Impact

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INTRODUCTION Since classical times technology has been associated to development. The more the use of technology, higher the degree of development. This technological change has had an impact on all organizations and sectors which includes manufacturing, designs, entertainment and healthcare. By 1991, U.S. companies spent more on information technology than any other form of investment; total spending on computers and related services doubled from approximately $80 billion in 1984 to over $160 billion in 1998 (Taylor, 1998). These numbers have at least multiplied by 4 if not more from 1998 to 2017. These include a broad array of communication media and devices which link information systems and people including voice mail, e-mail, voice conferencing, video conferencing, the internet, groupware and corporate intranets, smart phones, personal digital assistants, and innumerable others.(e.g., Andolsen, 1999; Campbell, 1999; Edwards, 1999; Gramm, 1999; Schober, 1999; Spiegelman, 1999; Tarabour, 1999; Wildstrom, 1999). The impact of information technology can be seen in individual jobs, the structure of groups and teams, the nature of supervision and managerial roles. Information technology results in changes to lines of command , authority and the need for reconstructing the organisation structure and attention to job design. Information technology may influence the centralisation or decentralisation of decision making and control systems. New technology has resulted in a

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