Informative Speech : Children And Adults With Adhd Are No Less Intelligent Than Another Person Essay

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1. Decide on Speech Topic: ADHD

2.General Purpose : To Inform

3. General Purpose Statement: To Inform the audience about the common neurobehavioral disorder, ADHD.

4. Write Thesis Statement: No less children and adults with ADHD are no less intelligent than another person.


I. Introduction:

A. Attention-getting material: Just Imagine! You are trying to get an assignment done for either school or work. You know you need to get it done, and you know you can do it. But it seems like your mind keeps wandering off and you soon realize that you’ve wasted hours that could have been used to finish the assignment. You try to get back into focus yet your mind wanders again, and again until soon you have to rush to get it done, and risk doing poorly, if you get it done at all. Unfortunately, this is just one of many scenarios for people who have grown up and are living with ADHD.

B. Credibility-establishing material: I myself have ADHD and I was diagnosed as a child.

C. Thesis statement:
D. Preview:
(transition into body of speech) Now I suppose the question you are asking now is what is ADHD?

II. Body of Speech

A. Main point #1:
Well, to start, ADHD is short for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. "ADHD is the most commonly studied and diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children, affecting 3 – 5% of children worldwide, all starting before the age of seven." I myself was diagnosed at the mere age of 7 1/2 years old!

1. Subpoint

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