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Informative Speech Self Reflection In my informative speech, the topic of the speech was how shoes can affect your health. As my attention getter, I used a narrative about an elderly woman who went through extreme pain from the style of feet at the time. I believe it was effective because it was interesting and the aspect of pain is something many people will listen to. I stated that I was going to be talking about what most people are doing wrong with wearing shoes, what specific shoes can do to one’s health, and ways to prevent shoes from hurting people. The was an implied relationship with the topic to the audience because I believe that everyone in the class wears shoes so they should care what the effects could possibly be. My speech was well organized in the way that we know what people are doing wrong to cause bad effects on your health by shoes to learning the effects specific shoes can do to your health to learning ways to prevent any effects from occurring. The pattern of organization I used was one of what you are doing to consequences to prevention. I believe that my main points were pretty easy to follow because each main point follows another. I successfully used transitions/connectives in this speech compared to last speech. Throughout my speech, I would list off a couple of sources depending on each topic because I got different sources for each topic. In each portion of my speech, I stated the author and publisher that I used the information from. My

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