Informative Speech Of A Speech On Chicago Crime

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I. General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my Public Speaking class about Chicago crime Attention Getter: "I did not deserve to die that night. It was not my time." "I pray for the person who has done this to me. I wish he could feel the pain that he put me through." (Barnum, 2003).
In 2001, Louis Guccione Jr. repeatedly stabbed his newly-ex girlfriend, Dana Roppo, when she requested a breakup. In her victim impact statement in the courtroom, she pleaded to the jury the first sentences that Art Barnum, a Chicago Tribune reporter copied and put into a 2003 edition of the newspaper and that I now began the presentation with. Relevance to audience: Many of us in this class are around the age of nineteen, the same age that Dana Roppo was when she was attacked. She only wanted a ride home when she was nearly killed. Like many other victims of Chicago crime, she was not expecting it. Crime in one city affects crime in every city. The stories of the crimes in this city is much like the story of the crime in our own city. Although the Greater Houston area is not considered to be as dangerous place to live, we experience the same dangers as Chicago. Heed these warnings as such. Dana Roppo was not expecting to be stabbed. Credibility material: Since the assignment of this project, our group has been reading articles from Chicago newspapers, blogs, news stations, and government agencies. Thesis: Today, we will look at Chicago crime through
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