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Have you at one time ask yourself what happens to the human brain if ever blood failed to flow to it? The answer is very simple. If the flow of blood in the brain gets discontinued then you will get a stroke.

Stroke is a result of improper blood circulation in the brain. It is the major reason for disability and death worldwide.

Blocked by both a clot or bursts, the blood vessel transporting oxygen and nutrients to the human brain will fail to meet its purpose.

Upon this event, one part of the human brain is not able to get the blood and oxygen it requires, thus the cells there die or decay.

There are numerous ways to tell if you’ll experience stroke these signs and symptoms rely on what are the brain lacks flow of blood, the affected portion to put it simply.

As soon as this happens, there
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To tell you the truth, everybody is at risk particularly when the weather is too hot. Thus, it is very important to always remain hydrated.

However, one may not know it but perhaps he/she has already been increasing his/her chance of experiencing a stroke . What exactly are the risk factors?

As we said, stroke may strike any individual at any time. These factors may increase your risk

Growing older includes lots of complications, really . Then one of those is increasing the risk of experiencing stroke . Researches said that individuals who are aged 55 or even older tend to be more prone to having stroke .

Apart from that, having high blood pressure levels might also heighten your risk. Stroke is a disease which involves blood so normally, blood pressure is usually involved.

People that have high blood sugar level, or diabetic, are also at a very high risk of having a stroke . Which means you better regulate the glucose intake.

An additional factor that could possibly risk stroke is the unhealthful way of life. Having an excessive amount alcohol and smoking cigarettes too much will put you at an increased
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