Stroke Education : A Preventable Death

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Stroke, a preventable death. Did you know that 80% of strokes are preventable, and it also causes the double of deaths by breast cancer in American women? Stroke is one of the most serious diseases, leading to deaths and severe morbidities around the world. The causes of stroke are closely related to lifestyle and are keys to reduce the incidence of this disease that causes abrupt deaths or worsens the quality of life. Jahan (2012) reminds the risk factors that increase the chances to have a stroke, the signs and symptoms, the treatment for this disease and how to prevent stroke. Certainly, the major risk factors mentioned by Jahan could be managed, and then it would be possible to prevent this severe disease and its terrible consequences. Among those risk factors, three are more harmful: hypertension, smoking and atherosclerosis. Professor Reza Jahan (2012), an associated professor from University of California, Los Angeles, presents the lecture “Stroke Education Seminar – Signs, Symptoms and treatment." The lecturer starts with the concept of a stroke; that can be an obstruction of blood flow to some area within the brain; that is the ischemic stroke, or a rupture of a vessel inside the brain, that is the hemorrhagic stroke. Then, the manifestations of a stroke depend on the affected brain area, and if this area is responsible for sensation, motion, speech or visual function, the manifestation will correspond to loss of the respective function. Jahan also related that in
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