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Do you dream of traveling around the United States, not only free of cost but also making money while doing it? While I already know that I want to be a nurse, travel nursing is a field that I have often considered because it brings two of my passions together: traveling and working as a registered nurse. Money is often a major factor in every decision we make, especially as college students, that’s why travel nursing is appealing to many students our age who dream of having money and wish they could travel more than just the annual family vacation. Today I am going to tell you why many people decide to be a travel nurse, which includes the benefits of it, the adventurous lifestyle, and finally how to actually become one. The benefits of being a travel nurse are very appealing and are a major factor in why nurses decide to pursue this specialty. A company called Fastaff that helps travel nurse find positions stated on their website that travel nurses that worked through them in 2015 made an average of $101, 288 a year for only working 36 weeks out of that year. In that same year, a regular registered nurse made approximately $67,490 working year round. This is due to large amount of where they decide to work, most options are in high demand areas so the work week can consist of 40 to 60 hours. For example, areas such as Texas and California have amongst the highest averages for travel nurses. Travel nurses are especially needed during the holidays, when
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