Travel Of The Travel Nursing Industry

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The travel nursing industry has been on the upswing for 30 years. Through this three-decade old history, it 's had more ups than downs when it comes to supply and demand. Hospitals and clinics across the country are guaranteed to experience staff shortages from time to time. In addition, many hospitals are being forced to adapt hiring policies to secure higher nurse to patient ratios. Along with the creation of vendor management systems, travel nursing has been a healthy business far and wide. Through the late 80 's, the travel nursing machine experienced its peak with close to 10,000 nurses available. Today, there are 20,000+ registered travel nurses that form part of a $2 billion dollar industry, along with countless staff recruitment agencies sharing in the pie. As of April 2006, there are around 5000 travel nurse openings available; a significant upward climb from the 2500 spots available three years ago. This speaks volumes over the potential of the healthcare travel industry in the future. Travel nursing allows experienced and honed nurses to practice their craft caring for patients while exploring different parts of the country while collecting a salary up to 20% higher than a standard nurse. As aforementioned, the industry has had more ups than downs. Currently, the travel nursing industry is experiencing an up-swing, with experts predicting a high rate of growth for nursing positions in the next decade. According to the latest statistics, there will be a 29%
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