Informative Speech

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Do Choose the proper language for the situation The first thing that is an important part of delivering any speech is the language that one chooses to use. On page 164 the book says that this does not just mean ensuring that the grammar is correct but choosing the words, phrases, and oratory devices best suited to the ideas being conveyed. The proper implementation of specific or concrete words can change a speech from an unfocused generalization to an informative and focused presentation. One example of such specificity in helping clarify a speech is when discussing how prevalent adult ADHD is instead of merely saying the statistic (2.5%) to actually explained how many people that would be worldwide. This would help by giving the listener some context of the sheer number of people that I was discussing rather than a vague idea based on an unrelatable percentage. While giving specifics is also important in making the audience properly understand the presentation, one must also ensure that one uses the proper language to convey an idea. For example, when giving a fact-heavy speech it is better to use neutral words and attempt to minimize metaphors and other flowery language as that will detract from the objective tone necessary in delivering an informative speech. When dealing with an emotional topic, however, it would be advisable to include emotional language and imagery. In this situation, the emotional language does not detract from the speech as not

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