Informative Speech: Speech And Effects Of Stress

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Good Morning! So to start with, I would just like to ask you a question. Have you ever feel like a walking stress? Going to school with a messy hair and having three bags with you, one at the back and the other two under your eyes. Are your stress levels too high that you feel like your stressors will be with you forever and say, “till death do us part”? Or are you that stressful to the point that you already blamed the world for all the stress coming at you? Sometimes we might feel that the weight of the world is on our shoulders, but we must be strong because truth is, stress will always be there with us; it is like our lifetime partner. Contrary to what others think, stress can also be good because it is the body’s response to a demand …show more content…

Don’t beat yourself too much over a stressful thing; but still, make sure to keep in mind your priorities in life. Have some time for yourself and take a break from all the stressors, because the effects of stress can be beyond our knowledge; we don’t know when it could develop as a serious mental disorder such as depression and anxiety. Some of you here may be a “strong and independent woman”, taking all the stress and letting yourself to be drowned with the overflowing problems and stressors. But there will always be a moment where you can’t take all the hardships, and you feel like you needed someone to be there for you even without saying a word. Getting social support is another way to level down stress. Spend some quality time with the person who will willingly listen to you. Don’t ever think that you will look weak and become a burden if you tell all your stress about life to someone, because connecting to others can help you improve your resiliency to the …show more content…

By just following the simple tips on managing stress, you can reduce the levels of stress in your life, especially as a student. I know that there are times where the stressors are too much to handle, but always bear in mind that you are greater than these things. You have the privilege and choice whether to be negatively or positively affected by it. Stressors are like the locks on our door to success, each of us have different ways on opening these locks. Some may break it or just let it locked up since the key is hard to find. Even so, the best thing to do here is to find a solution, the key that will fit just right into the lock. It may be difficult to find the right key but believe me, it will be worth it. You will learn a lot of things and realize something that is yet unknown to you. If you will look back to the years that passed, in your 16 or 17 years of existence, you will realize how many stressful situations you have coped up with. “Kung nakayanan mo noon, kayanin mo rin ngayon,” because stressors are yet to

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