Infosys Case Study

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Infosys Case Study Brief Analysis of the Situation The growth trajectory of Infosys has been exceptional, even for companies that were able to capitalize on the exceptional growth opportunities based on valuations during the dotcom era. Their concentrating on process and quality management earned the trust of many of the world's largest corporations, who frequently rely on Infosys' Offshore Development Centers (ODC) for customized, enterprise-wide and often highly complex systems and platforms (DeLong, Tandon, Rengaswamy, 2006). Their unique approach to a technique called "body shopping" or putting their consultants and employees on a client's site, was groundbreaking at the time and opened up key international markets against competitors Accenture and IBM (DeLong, Tandon, Rengaswamy, 2006). Yet despite all of these successes the company is struggling with employee morale and retention, and during the case study period fell out of one of the most prestigious rankings of Human Resource Management (HRM), the Best Employer List in 2003 (DeLong, Tandon, Rengaswamy, 2006). This led to panic and intensive levels of self-introspection throughout the company, resulting in several efforts to revive morale and get the company back into being ranked as one of the best in the industry. The case illustrates how difficult Strategic Human Resources Management is to accomplish in rapidly changing, turbulent markets that require tight integration of employees to the strategic processes

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