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The company overview
Three ambitious friends, Richard, Adam and John graduated from Cambridge University into professional employment. In the summer of 1998, they spent six months testing various juice recipes on friends, trying to find a successful product. They spent £500 on fruit and tested their recipes on individuals at a London music festival, marking two bins ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and placing a sign next to them reading: “Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these?”. At the end of the day the yes bin was full. They gave up their jobs the following day and Innocent Drinks was formed (innocent, our story)

The creation of this company was difficult for the three friends who had no money, they asked their friends for rich
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Swot analysis
Innocent is a leading player in the UK’s smoothie market since 2004, which has total revenue of £16.7 million during the fiscal year ended December 2004 (Innocent, 2006). Drawing upon Financial Times (2006) it can be suggested that the company’s strong commitment to new product development and its ability to respond quickly to trends in flavors has set the benchmark within healthy drinks for product innovation.

The company has been able to produce strong marketing campaigns in order to secure a loyal customer base through tactical use of communication channels. The company has invested a total of £3.4 million in marketing during 2005 (Mintel, 2006), which involved a promotional mix using different communication channels. The highlights of company’s marketing campaigns include national sampling road-show; free live music festival called Fruitstock; and short TV campaigns during July and November 2005 (Independent, 2006).

There is growing concern for green issues, corporate social responsibility, global warming and ozone depletion in today’s world than ever before. The manufacturing companies are constantly confronting environmental pressure groups in order to improve their wastes and recycling capabilities (Lynch, 2003). Innocent has been recognized for its initiatives in ethical procurement, bio-degradable packaging material, reduction in emissions, and creation of innocent foundation

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