Innovating Business Software: Customer Relationship Management (Crm) – Pharmaceuticals

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Development, Implementation, and Diffusion Internal Business Environment Other business systems or complementary products that might integrate with your business software application: Other business systems that might integrate with our business software applications are Microsoft Dynamics and SAP AG. Microsoft products are familiar software used by many people so Microsoft Dynamics CRM can reduce time required to learn how to use the software. has a proven real-time integration system that can work well with on-premise applications from Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. The changes in technology today has proven to customers that internet based software is the way to go. Chief Executive, Mark Benioff states that …show more content…

It is recommended strongly that companies stimulate and facilitate the further education of staff involved in innovation, e.g., by means of internal seminars and forums for knowledge exchange as well as by creating opportunities to attend external seminars (Van, et al, p.358). Properly training and developing development empowers employees and as a result increases the level of competency to perform a new responsibility. In addition, it is important for management to know the employee’s existing skills and strengths in order to address and develop skills where needed. The tools employees need to succeed and obtain knowledge should be readily available and easily accessible. For example, if an employee wants to view updates on the project progress, it should be readily available on the company’s intranet. Planned Innovations 4) Proposed process and/or product improvements for your business software application Product databases with information on Drug class, identified uses, dosing, pharmacological make up, mechanism of action, interactions, side affects/allergic reactions, and treatment of overdose. This will provide instant information on the pharmaceuticals that are being displayed for purchase. Having the information readily available also provides a simple means of communicating, e-mailing, printing, or demonstrating the qualities easily. Track customer preferences, items and amounts bought, and timing of purchases. The ability to track

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