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The strategic staffing process is guided by a set of staffing goals (process and outcome goals) that are logically linked with the company’s business strategy, culture and values. CHERN has managed to create a competitive advantage by providing quality products and the best customer service in the industry. Superior quality customer service is the company’s business strategy and this is linked to a very aggressive growth strategy for the next 5 years. The table below helps to understand the implications that the business growth strategy has on the staffing process at the company. The positions highlighted on the table are the positions that CHERN has to focus on because they are the core drivers of the company’s performance and they make…show more content…
Develop: Offer training, career development and support to take advantage of talent and help them achieve results. Retaining: Retains valuable talent. View employees as investors and not costs or assets. Respect applicants and employees, as we believe the company benefits from them as the same way they benefit from the company, and they are vital for our success. Recruiting and selection: Hires employees that relate to the corporate culture and makes the process transparent and gives as much information as possible to avoid mismatching. Develop: Gives employees empowerment and training to make them feel more comfortable at work. Retaining: We understand the investment employees are doing in the company and therefore we offer competitive benefits and wages. Have high ethical standards and a strong corporate culture of respect Treat employees and applicants with respect and fairness. Recruiting and Selection: Transparent and well informed process. Develop: Provides well timed and appropriate feedback and offers personalized training to help employees achieve goals. Retaining: Clear reward system and promotes based on merit. Talent Philosophy At CHERN’s our greatest strength lies on the talent, set of skills and empowerment of our people. We are committed on attracting, growing and retaining the most talented people in the retail industry by creating a fair and positive environment where they can feel cared and comfortable,

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