Innovation And Organization : Apple Iwatch

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Assessment 1: innovation and organization
Apple iwatch

Latrobe University
Masters of Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

Submitted by: Anubhav Maurya Submitted to: Dr.Vanessa Ratten
Student id: 18218076

On 9th September 2014 apple stepped into the watch industry with the launch of its most awaited smart watch named apple iwatch. This was apples first new product category in 5 years after the iPad. (Hasalum , 2015). The watch has no bounds and it was described as “absolutely amazing” and its software as “fluid” by many of the developers. Terms such as “phenomenal “ have been used for this highly advanced innovation of today’s world by apple. (Clover, 2015,)

The days have gone that a watch limits its use to just telling time, today is the world of technology and innovation which has given birth to smart watch.
A smart watch is an advanced technology based device that is worn on the wrist like any other watch the difference being that it connects to ones smart one via a wireless mode. These watches have features like receiving phone notifications, messages, social site updates, and calls all on the watch itself. (Mangis, 2014)
Apples iwatch stands out amongst all the smart watches known as it connects wirelessly to the iPhone which not only enables it to receive phone calls and messages but also it can be used to play music, serves as a digital wallet, and it can even monitor heart rate via

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