Inspired by the Jigsaw Approach Presented by Miss Wang

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I listened to Miss Wang’s two classes on checking answers of the exercises in Junior 1 today. The flow of the class and the way she guided students to explain the answers of the questions were the two main dimensions I focused on during listening. A lecture on Introduction to the Jigsaw Approach was presented by Miss Huang this afternoon. Miss Huang is one of the founders of jigsaw approach in Chinese EFL context. The basic idea of jigsaw approach is that the academic content is distinguished by different colors to facilitate students’ learning (See Table 1). With various colors, students can easily know which language points they should particularly concentrate on and how to review the newly learnt language material when go back home. I was incredibly inspired by the application and effectiveness of jigsaw approach she demonstrated.
To evaluate Miss Wang’s class, one of her most successful teaching strategies was the way she generated students’ initial motivation. Dividing 44 students into 11 groups, she randomly picked two groups to write their answers on the blackboard after group discussion.
Students were first required to share their answers with their group members. Sufficient time was given to them to reach a consensus on each question since the perceived likelihood of success does not only depend on how difficult the task is, but also on how well students are prepared for the tasks. Asking students to work in groups can increase their expectancy of success to a

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