Instructional Leadership As A Model For Leadership

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Instructional Leadership in the Primary School Abstract The link between student achievement and effective teaching has been well researched and documented. Likewise, an extensive research base supports the view that leadership is the most important element of an effective school (Department of Education and Training, 2005). This inquiry seeks to examine the leading educational idea of Instructional Leadership as a model for leadership which has a positive impact on student outcomes. The contemporary model of instructional leadership will be examined so that a clear picture of its changed emphases will be highlighted. Literature will be examined and analysed in order to provide a historical and contemporary view of this style of leadership as well as provide a clear understanding of how it would impact a primary school. An alternative style of leadership will also be examined which has achieved student success by focusing on a moral rationale for teaching and learning. One of the major insights emerging from this literature review is that instructional leadership provides a model for leadership which improves student outcomes primarily through teacher learning and development. The findings of this review will be of benefit to school leaders who are interested in instructional leadership as a model for supporting the improvement of student outcomes in primary schools. It will provide a sense of how contemporary instructional leadership has evolved and why it is
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