The Navy And My Master 's Program At Old Dominion University

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I have learned throughout my career in the Navy and my master’s program at Old Dominion University, leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Leadership is a trait some individuals are born with and yet it is a skill one can learn, polish, and continually improve upon. No matter the case, in order for one to become a well balanced instructional leader, one must have a central focus of learning rather than teaching, know how to balance being a supervisor and evaluator, and finally, they must encourage and develop professional growth throughout the organizations culture. As a young nurse, straight out of nursing school, I was equipped with the knowledge to complete basic nursing procedures and care for patients. However, there are some skills along my ten-year journey that I had to learn rather than be taught. For instance, there are several techniques one can use to start an intravenous catheter (I.V.), and while I was taught all of them during nursing school, I had to learn, upon graduation, which method was the most successful for me. Leadership can be viewed in this same light. There are several leadership styles we are learning about throughout our master’s program, but instructional leadership focuses on helping your subordinates to place the emphasis on learning versus teaching to a process or standard. DiPaola and Hoy (2014) best emphasize this thought on page 17 through stating, “by concentrating on learning, today’s school leaders shift both their own focus on

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