Internal ' Assets ' Inventory

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Internal ‘Assets’ Inventory

Siemon has many core competencies. “Core competencies are collective skills, knowledge and process of an organization that are valuable, rare and difficult to imitate (Mroz, 2015). "Siemon’s stability and quality of products are key differentiators within the industry" (R. Carlson, personal communications, November 10, 2015). Siemon is a well-respected brand built on quality, service, innovation and value. They have been in business for 112 years and manufacture product from starch allowing for tight controls over the quality of their products. "Siemon’s global manufacturing and breadth of product offering are also unique differentiators" (R. Carlson, personal communications, November 10, 2015). Siemon has established manufacturing facilities in 4 main key locations across the globe (US, Mexico, China, Czech Republic) to offer consistent supply, shorter lead times and disaster recovery. Siemon 's product offering and solutions can support client requirements anywhere in the world from Category 5e UTP copper systems to fully shielded Category 7A. “Today, the Siemon Company has developed over 400 patents specific to structured cabling” (R. Carlson, personal communications, November 10, 2015). In addition, Siemon has a talented, committed stable workforce and is an industry standards leader.
According to Robert Carlson, to compete successfully in the future, “the company must continue to develop fiber optic and data center solutions and our…
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