Internal ' Assets ' Inventory

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Internal ‘Assets’ Inventory Siemon has many core competencies. “Core competencies are collective skills, knowledge and process of an organization that are valuable, rare and difficult to imitate (Mroz, 2015). "Siemon’s stability and quality of products are key differentiators within the industry" (R. Carlson, personal communications, November 10, 2015). Siemon is a well-respected brand built on quality, service, innovation and value. They have been in business for 112 years and manufacture product from starch allowing for tight controls over the quality of their products. "Siemon’s global manufacturing and breadth of product offering are also unique differentiators" (R. Carlson, personal communications, November 10, 2015). Siemon has…show more content…
In addition, Siemon must focus on outsourced product areas such as cable, where Siemon is overly dependent on supplier capability” (personal communications, November 10, 2015). In regards to knowledge gaps and developing a coherent vision and response to the emerging trends, “Siemon must focus more on data center and service providers in the future as there is a trend with companies outsourcing to a colocation company or cloud service provider. Siemon must also align itself with complementary partners who manufacture the end devices and active equipment and channel partners who have intelligent building experience and capabilities such as network integration (R. Carlson, personal communications, November 10, 2015). In regards to factors that promote or hinder innovation efforts, innovation is part of the culture at Siemon. “We have a deep and wide new product development portfolio with a portion of the portfolio dedicated to breakthrough products. These new innovative products allow Siemon to differentiate itself from the competition" (R. Carlson, personal communications, November 10, 2015). This has been a formula that has worked well for Siemon since the early 90s when structured cabling standards were created and gave Siemon the opportunity to prove to customers that it can offer products and systems that far exceed minimum industry standard requirements. By demonstrating performance headroom
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