Internal Conflict In The Movie Crash

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Merwa Sharhan


In the film Crash (2004), the director’s use of internal conflict reveals that the main idea of the film, which is that some people stereotype others based on their skin color or countries of origin without knowing them, which is dangerous because it can lead to violence and unrest. Haggis, the director, uses the film to suggest that people should not judge anyone just because of their skin color or countries because it may cause people to hate each other.

In the beginning of the film we see how assumptions and stereotypes sting and cross boundaries in the lives of everyday citizens, as with the story of Farhad. For example, there is a scene “Play the gehan in your own time,what you want?,i'm i making a insult …show more content…

Also, the narrator states that when the gun store owner says to the Farhad, “you speak English,” which shows that he was thinking that Farhad does not speak English because he thinks that he is from another country. his connects the main message because its shows how the gun store owner was thinking of Farhad in that he is from another country, and how he misunderstand Farhad for his race, which shows how people cannot accept new people from different race. Another example is”i want the door lock change again in the morning...the time he et out from ur door he will go sell the keys to one of his gang people or to one of his friends.”In this scene, it shows how the woman was talking about the Mexican man and she was saying to her husband that they cannot trust him and they should change the locks again just because he is Mexican. This scene shows how the woman thinks of the man and that he is from another country so she was saying that she does not trust him and she thinks he will break into her house. This scene connects to the main message because it shows how the women does not trust the Mexican guy because he is from another

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