Internet Is Important Staple Of The World Economy

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Internet has become an important staple of the world economy. From shopping to news to how businesses operate is has impacted many businesses from many different parts of the world. However, the internet wasn’t something that just came out of nowhere. The internet has origins and evolution that have made the internet as big and as useful as it is today. According to an article written on (2015) the original thought process behind computer networking came from the fear that the Soviet Union could take out the United States telephone infrastructure with a single missile. The thought process was that by creating a network of computers that talked to each other, the government could still communicate even if the Soviet Union took out the telephone system. They created a network known as the Arpanet which was a way for information to be sent by way of packet switching or the breaking down of data in to packets (, 2015). In the 1970’s the network of computers was growing, but because of the lack of network protocols it was becoming increasingly difficult for integration in to a single of what would in the future be called the internet (, 2015). The protocol that was being used in the 70’s was called the Network Control Protocol. The main problem with using that protocol was it only worked with certain types of computers. There were several types of computers that wanted to connect to the Arpanet but couldn’t because the protocols didn’t
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