Internet Is It Good Or Bad?

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Internet, Is it Good or Bad? The last twenty-six years have seen the rise of a new phenomenon known as the Internet, which has made its way into the majority of American lives. This phenomenon is a result of the eruption of technological change in the late 20th century. Statistics show that in early 2014, eighty-seven percent of all Americans now use the Internet compared to a low fourteen percent in 1995 (Fox and Rainie). So, there has been a percentage increase of a whopping five hundred twenty-one percent in Internet use of Americans from 1995 to 2014. But, how did the Internet invade the lives of countless citizens so rapidly, when a short time ago, nobody had access to it? It is a massive platform that allows numerous people across…show more content…
The Internet has changed the way individuals communicate in monumentally beneficial ways. The rise of social media has taken its grip on America and refuses to let go anytime soon. Websites, such as Facebook, have seen incredible amounts of activity between people with statuses being posted constantly and messages being sent at instantaneous rates. Now, Americans live in a world where everyone is constantly communicating across the world from the convenience of their home. As a magazine had stated, “We no longer require homes, offices, or cafes to stay in touch with people; we can do it wherever we happen to be” (Masket). The Internet has also become the main source of information for most citizens of today. Several sources used frequently in the past are online now, including magazines, newspapers, etc. People no longer have to leave their house in order to gain access to information on the latest news. Most news topics can be found just by typing the correct phrase into a search engine. Also, academic information is readily available on the Internet through many programs, such as Morehead State’s Library database or Google Scholar. This allows for many people to be enabled to form ideas and research from just the capability to type on a keyboard. Social improvement has been a topic in current developing countries across the globe and the Internet is a tool to stimulate it. Freedoms and liberties are suddenly being sought after in areas where there
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