Internet Services Providers : An Internet Service Provider

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Internet Service Providers:
• An internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides you with an internet connection. Companies connect you to the internet in two different ways, by using a phone line, also known as dial up, or a broadband connection, also known as cable or DSL.
Some examples of internet service providers are Sky Broadband, Virgin Media, BT Broadband and Talk Talk. The majority of internet service providers require a monthly fee in which a person pays to be able to access the internet.
Web Hosting Services:
• A web hosting server is a server which provides web services. They are often used for hosting websites but they can also be used for hosting files such as games, images, music etc. There are three main types of web hosting. 1) Dedicated web hosting where the server is reserved for a single website and is leased. 2) Shared web hosting, where there are many various website on the same server. 3) Virtual private server hosting, a mix of the first two different servers except the website is hosted on its own virtual server so it has no interruptions and won’t be affected by other customers web sites.
Domain Names and Structures:
• Domain names are used to identify IP addresses. Domain names are used in URLs to identify web pages. For example in , the domain name is However the domain name is split into two levels the “google” in the web address is called a sub-level domain and the “.com” in the address is called

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