Internet Technology And The Internet Essay

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The Internet
Nowadays, the rapid development of technology and science can bring us many conveniences. And as this developing continued, people are not satisfied with traditional tools and habits. The first technology I want to mentioned is the Internet technology. First of all, what is the internet technology? Internet technology is the ability of the internet to transmit information and data through different servers and systems. Internet technology is important in many areas that allows people can easily to communicate with each other. Secondly, the Internet is a large database where all different types of information can be passed and transmitted. For example, it can be letting people talk and interactive in the same website; it can also be easily let people file sharing with other people and some documents loading to their own computer. All in that, Internet technology has lead to a wealth of information available to anyone who is able to access the internet. Nowadays, the internet technology is constantly improving and as the technologies powering the internet, the speeds are faster, and more information is available and many different processes are done that were not possible in the past. In Addition, the internet is a global network of computers interconnected through different media using a standard protocol. The internet plays an important role in modern human life. People always rely on the internet for their jobs, trade, education and business, among many other

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