Taking a Look at Web Communication

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1. What is the Internet?

Internet is a global network topology, which connected network computers using the standard Internet Protocol Suite to users all around the world. The structures of networks are for the constructing and examining networking machineries (Calvert, Tech, Doar, Nerion & Zegura, 1997). Internet is being accessed through the protocol suite. The Internet provides an extensive range of information, sources and services to the users, which allows greater flexibility in working hours and studying. Internet is used for educational and gratified management (Nie & Erbring, 2000). For example, educators and students will search for Google Scholar for references and materials for their studies and business and project teams can share their documents without abolishing their work and to be kept safely in the network. Social networking is an important trend among the Internet users. For example, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are being used as an interactive tool to socialise and interact with the world.

2. What is the World Wide Web?

World Wide Web (WWW) is a networking system that linked the hypertext information through the internet. It contains a web page that contains texts, images and videos (Cooley, Mobasher & Srivastava, 1999). The WWW is a collection of text documents, which are connected to hyperlinks and URLs. The web is always regarded as an application tool in the Internet. Most hyperlinks contain links to other websites to download files and

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