The Internet 's Impact On Business

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The Internet is very popular nowadays, almost everyone are using it. In addition, there is no limitation on the age or condition of the user to access the Internet. In fact, the Internet is interactive, flexible, global, dynamic, rich in resources and inexpensive compared to other methods of mass communication, socialization and coordination between the customers. More and more internet services have been developed to support both users’ requirements and actions, and to make it accessible to a diverse audience. (BALINT, A 2014)
Since the early 1990s to now, the Internet has caused a storm in the business community. When the society realize the Internet’s potentiality, maybe, the internet can be praised as the one of the most …show more content…

Except for leading to a new round of the advancing arms race, the event also made the US rethink its policy for technology and science. (Lukasik, S 2011) Meanwhile, the US in substantial increased the research funding and support for universities and the education of students in science and engineering. (BALINT, A,2014) Another response of US is that, President Eisenhower used over a billion dollars for US technology and science research, including the ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) which was located in the then new Pentagon building. In the following year, the seed of the Internet was planted. (Grech, V 2001)

In 1966, Taylor, the manager of the computer projects funded by ARPA, proposed connecting the different ARPA computers together, which was named “Cooperative Network of Time-Sharing Computers.” The proposal was achieved in 1968 and the contract was awarded to the BBN Company. In the initial test sites for this ARPANET, four university research centers (including UCLA, Stanford, Santa Barbara and Utah) were chosen. By 1971, ARPANET was increased to 15 nodes with 23 hosts. (Grech, V 2001).By that time, ARPANET did not contact with business realm. According to (Banks, MA 2007), ARPANET at that time had “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY” stamped all over it, which means public was not welcome and just government can use it. The first commercial online services appeared in

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