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How did I came about with this internship? Good question to ask.
The decision I made from the list was listed as UAMS- Patient Education Patient Care Services with Barbie Brunner. I contacted her and even went up to her office to see if it was possible I can intern in her department. She stated, “she is interviewing an internship coordinator, so give her a few weeks.” The few weeks will be around when the semester start, so that wouldn’t help me at all. I went to this women name Katherine Metz (I go to church with her). During graduation season for high school students, she was recognized for University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) number one Nurse Educator Award. A lightbulb pop above my head. I thought to myself that I should talk to her about an internship at UAMS dealing with educating patients. She ask for some personal information and she emailed me back within two days. Dana Smith- Patient Education Specialist- emailed me and told me she will be handling getting me processed to intern with them. I went in for an interview. They told me the general information about the department, what will be taking place on the first day, scheduling, dress code, lunch, parking, and how and where to get the badge. After talking to them I know I will enjoy this internship with Dana Smith and Emily Gordon in the Patient Education Department at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).

Internship with Patient Education
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I worked 8 hours

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