Reflection Paper On Internship

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Much to my delight, I was able to begin and end my internship the same way. My last day, December 5th, was another STEAM program. This one based on space and the solar system. I was surprised to see how much the children knew about the planets, especially the younger ones. As someone who was always fascinated by the stars, this program was right up my alley. It was also a significant use of my knowledge. While I did not get many high-fives, the kids were still very interactive and excited to show me their projects. My favorite project for this program was one that gave kids a constellation to take home. Cut-outs of various constellations were there to pick from, then one is attached to an end of a toilet paper tube. Once secured the children were able to use flashlights to shine the constellation on the walls. This was a project that every child took home and were very excited to try out at home that night. Though I learned a lot less than I had expected about the departments and the system, I still value what I learned. Some of my favorite shadows included people like Beth and Penny, because they always had something for me to do. I also enjoyed my time with Becky, because we were able to talk about things that I was familiar with. While I feel that I missed out on community interaction, the time I did have gave me opportunities to grow. Although these were all youth events, it was great because I could use my knowledge. I felt that this was especially the case with the

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