Internship Reflection

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Looking back over the past eight weeks interning with the Vanderbilt University Development and Alumni Relations team, I know that I have changed from my first time walking into the LOEWS building. From first hearing about this internship and applying to finishing two months of projects and informal interviews, I learned so much about the world of Advancement and Development. Not only has a new professional path has opened up for me, I have had a chance to flex a few skills that had not been used since my recruitment and business undergrad days that felt very comfortable and enjoyable. My time with the Stewardship Team in DAR has been both enlightening and encouraging towards a future in Advancement. This was Vanderbilt’s second year …show more content…

No matter the level of the person I met with, they were always interested to hear about my experience, share their experience and work, and then provide me with relevant feedback on how I could make it at Vanderbilt and Advancement in general. They were truly the building blocks of this educational internship, providing me with such great information and dispelling a lot of my misconceived notions of what it meant to do Development work and fundraise. Even though I was not working in their departments, a few of the people I met invited me to events that let me see them doing their work, such as donor events and University wide meetings. Not only did I learn about DAR and the people I DAR, I now feel like I have a better grasp on other schools and areas of Vanderbilt University as a whole. On the CASE side of things, I wish things had gone as smoothly as with the Vanderbilt side. There were a few bumps on the road and many hurdles to be jumped, but I appreciated some of the effort. The weekly exercises helped me focus some of my questions with my expert guess each week at Vanderbilt and the Washington, DC conference with the other AIP interns was a real delight, especially getting to hear from Princess Gamble of the National African American History and Culture Museum. It reminded me that Development is not in just a higher education bubble and many of the experiences and skills I’ve developed this summer

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