Interpersonal Psychotherapy Cases

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Issue of the Client
Laura, 47years- old, has had a less than perfect relationship with her mother, she has also been in a long-term relationship with no notion to marry her partner for 15 years, and has a fear of social interaction with fear of rejection. Laura also has had chronic feelings of major depression and dissatisfaction with her life. Laura’s feeling of depression include sad moods, loss of interest, insomnia, and self-criticism. She has reported a feeling of anxiety with a number of different situations, and fits the criteria of social phobia. Laura also admitted that her fear of social rejection is excessive, and has caused her to let many of her friendships drift away.
Intervention Model and Key Features: Interpersonal Psychotherapy
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The focus is on the disputes between two people that seem to have a stalled relationship and little hope of resolving it. The treatment goals contain aiding the client in identifying and understanding the nature of the dispute, deciding on a plan of action, and the beginning of the reassessment of the expectations of the relationship. Some feelings associated with interpersonal dispute may be anger and or guilt. In Laura’s case, she is experiencing both emotions when it comes to having to take on the responsibility of caring for her again…show more content…
Since Laura already understands her issues and has expressed dissatisfaction with her life, her next step will only be to make a change. The focus is on what is not working in her life both, personal and professional, and making it work. IPT will help Laura find strategies to maximize the opportunity that she could have when solving an interpersonal problem that she would deem otherwise hopeless. Take her social interactions with others, she has expressed that her anxiety was interfering with her social life and that she may have more friends if it wasn’t for her fear of rejection. Also, because the Interpersonal Psychotherapy Model is short-term, some may see that as a disadvantage to not being able to assess the entire problem of the individual. However, the time limited therapy is focused on rapid change, and the shortness of the process will increase the chance that Laura will complete the treatment. Considering that Laura gets uncomfortable when expressing her feelings and apologizes when she expresses any type of emotion, the short-term Interpersonal Psychotherapy Model will be an adequate intervention to use to not overwhelm
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