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BSHS/385 February 5, 2015 Professor Rebecca Rabe

ANGRY COUPLE 2 The “Angry Couple” video depicts a therapeutic session concerning an angry couple who appears to be having difficulty listening to the concerns each have with the other, their relationship and with their therapist. Before the therapy session begins, Dr. Susan Heitler arranges the room for symmetry and interaction. She then begins the therapeutic session by asking a few intake interview questions to better assist the couple in the counseling process.
Examples of the three stages model of interviewing are illustrated below:
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Dr. Susan Heitler reiterates what both Richard and Judith need and offers a quick process of conflict resolution through clarifying mutual concerns and then determining an agreeable solution.
Action Stage While Dr. Susan Heitler begins to understand the concern between Richard and Judith, she documents her observation and offers her insight about what she learned about their relationship and what the issue is. Dr. Susan Heitler initiates an effective plan of action to achieve the objective of what Richard and Judith need before the session. She explains to Richard and Judith what she wants for both of them to do which is to go back to good humor. Dr. Susan Heitler continues to explain to the couple that in order for them to proceed, they must learn new skills for talking about their issues.
Effective Interviewing Skills An important question to ask when meeting with a couple for the first time is if the couple had ever been to therapy before? The couple’s response will provide Dr. Heitler with an understanding as to why the couple is seeking therapy as well as provide her with a reason(s) why their previous counseling sessions were unsuccessful. 1. What are you feeling right now, or “what are your thoughts?” Both questions allow for the client to think about the question(s) and what it means to them. Any confusion of feelings can be worked through with the help of a therapist.

ANGRY COUPLE 4 2. What is it that you want? This
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