Interpersonal Relationships

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Stages of interpersonal relationships
This refers to knowing each other, to start relationships you must know each other well. The message usually falls on introduction, knowing the background and interests of the other person.
2. The buildup stage
This is a stage when the relationship starts to grow. Two individuals are no longer strangers and trust each other. The message portrayed is characterized by the two individuals coming close, being passionate and develop feelings for each other.
3. Continuation stage
The relationship blossoms into lasting commitments. People make the decision to tie the knot to be together for love sake and be in each other's company. This is where trust and transparency become essential.
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Associated with individuals who work together for the same company or organization.
Theories of interpersonal communication
1.Uncertainty reduction theory
It explains the basic process of how we get knowledge about other people. People have difficulty with uncertainty.
2.Social exchange theory
It explains, predicts and describes when and why people reveal certain information about themselves to others.
3.Symbolic interaction
This relies on the creation of a shared meaning when people interact with one another.
4.Relational dialectics theory
It was created by Leslie Baxter and Barbara Montgomery. Their dialectical approach revolves around contradiction, change, praxis and totality notions.
5.Social penetration theory
It expresses the framework which describes the development of interpersonal relationships.
Concept of Interpersonal conflict
For the most part, it is expected the distinction of feeling between two people coming about to a contention. Distinctive individuals reason diversely since we have remarkable belief systems and when we meet individuals with contradicting thoughts as our own contention may emerge. Relational clash is profoundly felt in the work put when somebody tries to cause an issue with different laborers by contradicting their feelings which may result in a battle. Relational clash is related with harmed, outrage and the sense of self-issue might be produced where the other party neglects to trade off with another individuals'

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