Interpersonal Roles Of Mrs Fatma

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3.1. Roles The manager with whom I worked, Mrs Fatma, has several roles. These roles are classified into 3 categories according to Mintsberg: Interpersonal, informational and decisional roles. How are they played out at KPMG, considering Mrs Fatma the Accounting Advisory Manager as an example.  Interpersonal roles: These roles are usually dealing with human interaction. It is subdivided into 3 roles: Figurehead/ Leader/ Liaison. I personally noticed those three aspects in Mrs Fatma's behavior with her subordinates. Figurehead: As indicated in the name itself, the manager acts like the head of the organizational unit. This role may seem not important but it helps in making the firm run smoothly. In fact, the manager is responsible for ceremonial duties. Mrs Fatma for example attended once the marriage of a subordinate. She also invited two other employees for lunch. Leader: Mrs Fatma checks immediately the performance of the employees. She is all the time …show more content…

Which means that they are used to doing the same tasks the same way with different data. This routine makes them unable to accept any type of change in their work process. Any kind of innovation for them is representing a huge challenge. This may be seen as a strength, since they master their tasks and do their work in an effective way without wasting time. However, it is a remarkable weakness. They are not willing to improve their work process. In fact, the IT department once updated the Accounting Software and made some changes. This was almost a disaster for the employees I worked with. They could no longer work effectively. They spent so much time to adapt themselves to the new updates. They had an issue every five minutes with the software and needed to call for help. It took them almost fifteen days to become somehow familiar with the new concepts and the new

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