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Each year in the United States several million children experience some extreme traumatic event. Some of these events include natural disasters, death of a loved one, vehicle accidents, physical and/or sexual abuse and witnessing domestic violence. Children are increasingly exposed to violence in society. Many of these children may develop some form of psychological problems that can significantly impair their emotional, academic, and social functioning. Research has noted that many of these children will become fearful of their environment and develop expectations that their future will be unhappy. These children are in need of interventions to help them develop productive modes of coping. Over the years there have …show more content…

In a study on toddlers and preschoolers (Lieberman, Van Horn, Grandison, & Pekarsky, 1997) used the dyadic approach of parent-child intervention and assessed the parent-child functioning along with their relationship. Other research has noted this approach in working with the parent-child with notable outcomes (Lieberman, Van Horn, Grandison & Pekarsky, 1997; Cohen, Mannarino, Murray & Igelman, 2006; Ziegler & Weidner, 2006; Graham-Beermann et al, 2007.) This psychotherapy approach is also influenced by attachment theory and has been noted to be promising (Lieberman, Van Horn, Grandison & Pekarsky, 1997). On the other hand Gewirtz and Edleson (2007) noted that some children develop successfully, performing at least as well as their low risk peers across a variety of domains. The children have been labeled competent, resilient and even invulnerable (Gewirtz & Edleson, 2007). There is a correlation to resilience found when a child has a good parent-child relationship and good assets (Gewirtz & Edleson, 2007).
Graham-Bermann, Lynch, Banyard, DeVoe, & Halabu, 2007 research
Graham-Bermann and colleagues (2007) conducted a study, with children ages 6 to 12 years old, on a community based intervention for children exposed to domestic violence. In the study the researchers used an ecological approach in the intervention. The

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