Interview Essay - Larry Clayville

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Interview Essay - Larry Clayville

Larry Clayville was born in Ustick, Idaho, on June 11, 1917. Larry explained that "there was once a post office in Ustick, but there is nothing there now. That is how far out in the woods I was". Larry is a very down to earth man who has seen a lot of life. He has read the newspaper every day of his life. He is a Father, a Grandfather, and seems to be a friend to many. Larry came to California for work in 1946. He is a POW survivor, and is a member of the "Lodge," and has many friends there. He is also currently involved in a relationship.

Larry's definition of happiness is, "Having plenty to eat, having a warm place to sleep, and having friends and family. That's enough to make me happy."

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Larry's wife died from Parkinson's Disease a few years ago.

When asked how other people's attitudes affect his happiness, Larry said that, "Everyone is intuited to their own beliefs, and that negative people don't bother him much." Sometimes he admits that he would "tell people that they have a bad attitude, talk, or go home."

Larry's childhood did much to influence his sense of happiness. "When you come from a family of 5 kids, and you have a good mother and father, they teach you right from wrong. Being raised with several kids, you learn a lot about happiness." Larry believes that did affect his personality. He learned by the examples that his brother and sisters set.

Though he did not have much of an education, he does say, "There is always at some time, a part of you that wished you had gone on to school. There is always a time every so often that you wish you were better at what you do."

Larry looks back fondly on his family. "Growing up, the greatest thing to do was go on vacation. We would go up in the hills and the mountains and stay for 2 weeks. Back in those days the road only went so far. You had to fight your way through brush to get to the lake. Being next to nature was the greatest thing. You were free as a bird." He continues, "I also liked to go the river with my family. All the grandkids would dunk my hat in the water. We would hike, fish, or water ski. Sometimes all in one

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